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  • Panic ResQ Button


    What is a Panic ResQ Button?

    • Panic ResQ Button is a wearable device about the size of a water bottle cap
    • In an emergency, press the Logo for 3 seconds to activate the Panic Button
    • Once activated, the Panic ResQ Button broadcasts distress signal continously for Phone with ResQ Button App to pick-up
    • Any ResQ Button App Phone/Tablet or ResQ Gateway in vicinity will pick-up the signal and forward to our Cloud Computers
    • Our Cloud Computers notify all your Emergency Contacts by Automated Voice Call, SMS, Push Notification and E-mail with your current location
    • Cloud also starts identifying any ResQ Button App users near you and ask them to help you, this is like getting your neighbor to come and help you in an emergency
    • Automated Voice Calls are limited to certain countries, please check with us for latest list.
    • Sample Automated Voice call notification for your reference

    Can this be used for Hotel Employee Protection?

    • Yes, we do have some Hotel Installations
    • We ship Gateways, which can be kept behind TV Screens or some other place in the room.
    • The Gateways connect to your Hotel Wi-Fi and picks up the signal from individual Panic Button carried by individual employees
    • In an emergency, when the employee activates from that room, all emergency contacts receive notification with Room Number.

    Who can use the Panic ResQ Button?

    • Elderly or anyone with medical conditions, to call for help in an emergency
    • Children in vicinity of ResQ Button App phone or ResQ Button Gateway
    • Anyone live and commute in a crime prone area
    • Security teams can call for backup faster
    • Factory workers in hazardous area
    • Hospitality & Customer facing employees, when dealing with misbehaving customer(s)

    Does it work across the world?

    • Yes, it works across the world
    • Make sure all phone numbers in the App are with Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number, similar to you dialing your number from outside your country

    Can you inform the Police?

    • You can put Police Phone Number as one of your six emergency contacts
    • Make sure the Phone Number is long format like Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number.
    • We cannot notify short code phone numbers like 911, 112 etc.

    Where can I buy the Panic Button?

    • You can buy Panic Buttons here
    • We also list the product in Amazon USA & Canada
    • We ship across the world from California, USA via USPS
  • Panic ResQ Button


    What are the Minimum Requirements for a Panic Button to work?

    • Download and install ResQ Button App from Google Play or App Store
    • Register in the App and give permissions to use Location, Bluetooth, Notification & Internet
    • Add the Panic ResQ Button to your account and provide the following information
    • Button Owner Name & Phone Number
    • SMS Capable Phone number of up to six Emergency Contacts
    • Email Address of your Emergency Contacts (optional)
    • Your Emergency contacts will receive an SMS that you have made them your Emergency Contact and a link to download the App.
    • App for Emergency Contacts are optional, with App they get
    • Push Notifications on all their registered devices
    • Even if SMS delivery is delayed, Push Notifications may reach them earlier

    How do I configure a Panic ResQ Button?

    • When connected to the internet, on the ResQ Button App
    • Click on the My ResQ Button(s) icon on the App
    • On the bottom right click the + icon
    • Press the Logo on the Panic ResQ Button wearable for 3 seconds
    • App will read product information from the wearable and slide to a configuration screen, there
    • Add up to 6 Emergency Contacts, Name, Mobile and/or E-Mail
    • Choose a 4-digit Disable PIN & Emergency PIN, both should be different
    • Disable PIN to disable when you active the Panic ResQ Button accidentally
    • Emergency PIN to enter when someone forces you to disable the Panic Button activation
  • Panic ResQ Button


    Why better than App Based?

    • Time to unlock the Phone, Navigate to the App, Launch he App takes time
    • If Panic ResQ Button is activated before perpetrator of crime disables the phone, cloud notifies your emergency contacts
    • Uses Crowd Sourcing Model, so any other ResQ Button App device in vicinity will update your location

    Why better than other wearables?

    • Panic ResQ Buton uses non-pairing Bluetooth model, so no more not-paired alerts
    • Battery is used only when you activate, so no frequent recharge or replace of battery
    • Our battery is designed to last 2-Years or 200 activations, whichever comes earlier
    • Wearable is small as a water bottle cap
    • Uses Crowd Sourcing & Crowd Sharing model backed by Cloud Computers hosted across the world
  • My Safe Place


    What Is My Safe Place?

    • Geo-Fencing of indoor locations based on Wi-Fi and Beacons
    • Notify your designated contacts when you Enter or Exit your configured Safe Place(s) (For e.g. Home, School, Dormitory, Office etc.)
    • A simple use case, get notified automatically
    • Elderly parents leave or enter home, instead of checking on their whereabouts
    • Child Enters or Exits School, Home etc. no more waiting for SMS or Phone
    • When your Employee Enters or Leaves Office

    Who can use it?

    • Anyone wants to notify when they are going to be out of their Safe Place like Home, School, Dormitory etc.
    • If you have elderly parents living alone, instead of calling and checking on their whereabouts you will get to know when they leave and return home
    • Parents can configure their Children Phone, so as soon as the Child reach or leave School, Home and other places instead of waiting for their call or SMS
    • When children walk to coaching class or friends place alone, parents will know when they reach or leave that place
  • My Safe Place


    How Do I Configure A Wi-fi Based Safe Place?

    • You should be in the vicinity of the specific Wi-Fi, for iPhone you need to be connected to that Wi-Fi
    • Click on the My Safe Place(s) icon and click on the + button and select the Wi-Fi
    • Choose a ‘Location Name’ like Home, School, Library etc. as you see fit
    • Specify the location of this Wi-Fi, this is to avoid connecting to common Wi-Fi names
    • Fill up to 3 Contacts ResQ Button App profile owner Phone / Email address
    • This functionality requires the contacts to be a ResQ Button App users

    How Do I Configure A ResQ Button Based Safe Place?

    • Find the Group Number of the Location ResQ Button(s) you are planning to Geo-fence
    • Choose a ‘Location Name’ like Home, School, Library etc. as you see fit
    • Add a message like ‘John at School’ so others can figure out it is you
  • Asset Tracking & Management


    How does the Tracker Technology work?

    • Each Tracker Tag constantly emits an unique data, which can be picked up by any ResQ Button App device
    • Location of Tracker Tag is updated by ResQ Button App device, when either of the following conditions occur
    • Notices Tracker Tag signal for the first time
    • Looses the Tracker Tag signal
    • Periodically when ResQ Button App Device location changes
    • The ResQ Button App device need not be your own device

    How do I add a Tracker Tag?

    • Click the My ResQButton(s) icon on the ResQ Button App
    • Click the + sign on the bottom right corner
    • Turn ON the Power button on your Tracker Tag
    • The ResQ Button App will read the vital product information from Tracker Tag
    • App screen will transition to a configuration page
  • Asset Tracking & Management


    How do I setup Geo-Fencing?

    • On your specific Tracker Tag ResQ Button App page, configure the device(s) it has to be in In-Range of Device(s)
    • Fill in the Notify In/Out Range Devices with the phone/email to get notification
    • Turn your Tracker Tag OFF and Turn ON after a minute, this step is required when configuring for the first time
    • When Tracker Tag signal range is out of all the In-Range of Device(s) you will get an exit alert
    • When Tracker Tag signal is in range of any one of the In-Range of Device(s) you will get an entry Alert

    How do I setup Geo-Fencing with ResQ Gateway Switch?

    • Assign a Group No. in your ResQ Gateway Switch, it can be anything unique to you
    • If you want multiple switches to form a group, then assign all the ResQ Gateway Switch with same Group No.
    • In the Specific Tracker Tag In-Range of Device fill in the Group No & Name for your identification purpose only
    • Next time a Tracker Tag enters the Group for the first time, you will get an alert
    • When the Tracker Tag is out of signal range of all the ResQ Gateway's you will get an exit alert
  • Asset Tracking & Management


    How do I associate my Tracker Tag with my product Bar-code?

    • Click on the My ResQButton(s) icon, then the Assets Near Me Tab
    • Click the Barcode button at the bottom
    • Scan the QR Code on your Tag first and then the Bar-code on your product
    • If you use Code-128 then description is extracted from barcode, for UPC barcode, description from database is assigned to your Tag
    • If you give us your UPC Code description, we can add it
  • ResQ Button Gateway


    Where I can use the ResQ Button Gateway?

    • ResQ Button Gateway has similar functionality as a ResQ Button Smartphone App to detect ResQ Button Signal
    • It connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi
    • Locations where you cannot use a Smartphone/Tablet, you can use the ResQ Button Gateway like
    • Factory / Labs / Warehouse
    • Schools / Hotels
    • Hospitals / Assisted Living
    • Home / Shop

    How do I know the ResQ Gateway is connected to Internet?

    • ResQ Button Gateway periodically does a Heartbeat with our Cloud Computers
    • Whenever a ResQ Gateway misses Heartbeat for more than 30 minutes you will get an email
    • Either on the ResQ Button App / ResQ Mgmt Webconsole you can check the last Heart Beat Time
  • ResQ Button Gateway


    How do I add a ResQ Button Gateway

    • Power ON the ResQ Button Gateway and wait for 5 minutes to initialize the first time
    • Click the My ResQ Button(s) icon on the ResQ Button App
    • Click the + sign on the bottom corner of the App
    • ResQ Button App will connect to the Gateway and a Wi-Fi Pop-up screen will appear
    • Enter the Wi-Fi SSID & Password, we save the Password encrypted so don't worry
    • Select the location, where the Gateway is installed and assign a location description e.g. Room No etc.
    • Configure the people who need to receive an alert when Panic Button is activated nearby
    • If Multiple people needs to manage the ResQ Button Gateway, add their information in the Contact section
    • ResQ Gateway Wi-Fi uses the 2.4GHz of 802.11b/g/n only, so make sure the Wi-Fi router supports that, some Phone Wi-Fi hotspots may not work

    How do I setup the ResQ Button Gateway in an Enterprise environment

    • Follow the instructions as in Add ResQ Button Gateway
    • Enter the Wi-Fi SSID only & leave the Password blank, note down the Wi-Fi MAC address on the pop-up Screen
    • Configure rest of the items on the App page as explained earlier
    • On your Wi-Fi Router White list the ResQ Button Gateway Wi-Fi MAC Address, so your Wi-Fi router will automatically assign an IP address
    • If you have a Siren requirement, please fill-in the SMS capable Siren Phone Number, Command to turn ON and OFF
  • ResQ Button Gateway


    How to change Wi-Fi SSID?

    • If your ResQ Button Gateway is still connected to your Old Wi-Fi and Heartbeats, then follow these steps:
    • Use the App and navigate to your ResQ Button Gateway
    • Click on the EDIT and change the Wi-Fi SSID, click DONE to save your settings
    • Refresh the ResQ Button Gateway Page to see Last HearBeat Time and it is after your saved

    How to change Wi-Fi SSID (Contd)?

    • If your ResQ Gateway is not connected to Internet, then follow these steps:
    • Power down the ResQ Button Gateway for few seconds and Power it back up
    • Wait for 2-3 minutes for the Gateway to initalize and come up
    • Use the App and navigate to My ResQ Button(s) and click the + icon, similar to Add Gateway operation
    • The App will negotiate with the ResQ Gateway and display the Wi-Fi Configuration pop-up Screen
    • Pick the Wi-Fi SSID & enter Password if applicable and click Submit
    • App will automatically transition to your ResQ Gateway EDIT Page, click DONE
    • Remember there is no GPS on the ResQ Button Gateway, you need to fix the Location and Location Description if you have moved the Unit
  • ResQ Button Gateway


    My ResQ Button Gateway is missing Hearbeat

    • Take any ResQ Button App Phone near the ResQ Button Gateway for few seconds
    • Navigate to the App and the specific ResQ Button Gateway
    • Check the Wi-Fi Connectivity Setting Value
    • If it says No Internet, then Gateway cannot connect to Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions "How to Change Wi-Fi SSID not connected to Internet"
    • If you do not see the Wi-Fi Connectivy Setting Value on the Gateway Status Page, it means the Gateway is able to connect to the Wi-Fi Router, but unable to access the Internet