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ResQ Button TRACK & LOCATE Tags

  • 34 x 34 x 9mm in dimensions, you can tie-wrap/affix to your asset
  • Water Proof and rated for 0 – 55C, rated for Indoor & Outdoors
  • 2-Years of Battery life with continuous broadcast
  • Signal strength of 30+ meters and designed for high noisy environments
  • Cost is inclusive of Cloud Charges at about US$1/month
  • Time Saved in search is your ROI
  • Comes with a QR Code, Associate your asset Barcode with the Tag QR code from the ResQ Button App.

Where You Need It


  • Track raw materials across your construction site
  • As materials are moved to make way for new construction, locating the moved materials becomes a search of its own
  • With ResQ Button Tags, any ResQ Button App near the moved materials (For e.g. Security Phone) updates the new location
  • When you need to find the item, either from Web Console or ResQ Button App, get the location on a Map
  • Stop searching for materials, with ResQ Button App and Tags locate them when you need it
  • Your ResQ Button App ROI is the time saved looking for the item.


  • On a normal day Nurses spend an hour average looking for medical equipment either it is an IV pump or wheel chair
  • From their phone now they can find the nearest ResQ Button Tagged equipment


  • Items when stored in warehouse do not have location marked, for the next person to locate it
  • With ResQ Button Tracker Tags & ResQ Button Gateway, when items are moved inside your warehouse, new locations are updated automatically
  • You can setup geo-fencing as and when an item is moved in and out of a specific area to generate an alert
  • For effective geo-fencing, ResQ Button Gateway is required


  • ResQ Button Tracker Tags & ResQ Button Gateway makes a perfect combo to know when you need to geo-fence an asset, like a Cabin or Shed in a remote area
  • Setup an alert when an individual Tagged item is out of signal range of the ResQ Button Gateway
  • Any tools or equipment’s borrowed or returned you will come to know immediately.


  • Attach a tag item you need to track, either it is a box of seasonal items or bike.
  • Anyone in your household would be able to manage the tags from their Smartphone / Tablets.
  • When you want to find the item, just open your App you will know how far you are from it.
  • Attach Tags to your kid's back-pack, as soon as they enter home and alert is generated as long as one ResQ App Phone/Tablet or ResQ Button Gateway is present at home

Alzheimer’s / Dementia Caregiving

  • It is a challenge for caregivers to have a constant watch on their loved ones from wandering away.
  • With ResQ Button Tag attached to your loved one’s clothing, you can get an alert as and when they wander away from the signal range of the ResQ Button Gateway Device.
  • For loved ones with early onset, when unable to find way home you can find their last known location and reach them.

    How does the Tracker Technology work?

    • Each Tracker Tag's constantly emit a unique data, which can be picked up by any ResQ Button App devices
    • Location of Tracker Tag is updated when seen or lost by a ResQ Button App device
    • The ResQ Button App device need not be your own device

    How do I add a Tracker Tag?

    • Click the "My ResQButton(s) icon on the ResQ Button App
    • Click the + sign on the bottom right corner
    • Turn ON the Power button on your Tracker Tag
    • The ResQ Button App will read the vital product information from Tracker Tag
    • App screen will transition to a configuration page

    How do I setup Geo-Fencing?

    • On your specific Tracker Tag ResQ Button App page, configure the device(s) it has to be in In-Range of Device(s)
    • Fill in the Notify In/Out Range Devices with the phone/email to get notification
    • Turn your Tracker Tag OFF and Turn ON after a minute, this step is required when configuring for the first time
    • When Tracker Tag signal range is out of all the In-Range of Device(s) you will get an exit alert
    • When Tracker Tag signal is in range of any one of the In-Range of Device(s) you will get an entry Alert

    How do I setup Geo-Fencing with ResQ Button Gateway?

    • Assign a Group No. in your ResQ Button Gateway, it can be anything unique to you
    • If you want multiple Gateways to form a group, then assign all the ResQ Button Gateway with same Group No.
    • In the Specific Tracker Tag In-Range of Device fill in the Group No & Name for your identification purpose only
    • Next time a Tracker Tag enters the Group for the first time, you will get an alert
    • When the Tracker Tag is out of signal range of all the ResQ Button Gateway's you will get an exit alert

    How do I associate my Tracker Tag with my product Bar-code?

    • Click on the My ResQButton(s) icon, then the Assets Near Me tab
    • Click the Barcode button at the bottom
    • Scan the QR Code on your Tag first and then the Bar-code on your product
    • If you use Code-128 then description is extracted from barcode, for UPC barcode, description from database is assigned to your Tag
    • If you give us your UPC Code description, we can add it


  • how-work
    • Attach a tag to your asset
    • Associate your asset to tag from ResQbutton App
    • Using QRCode on tag with Barcode/ QRCode on your asset, or just manually enter a description of your asset
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    Location Updates

    • Anytime a ResQ Button App Device is in Tag signal range location is updated in cloud
    • Anytime a ResQ Button App Device looses a Tag Signal, updates the last known location in the cloud
    • Either on on your ResQ Button App or Webconsole, click on a specific Tag to get the last updated location
    • With ResQ Button Gateway:
      • Location Description as configured on ResQ Button Gateway e.g. Aisle / Row Number
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    Geo-Fencing of assets : Entry Alert

    • When a tagged asset comes in a signal range of a configured ResQ gateway / ResQ Button App an entry alert is generated
    • More than one ResQ Button Gateway can be used for a large area, to form one or more groups
    • One entry alert generated when enters anyone of a grouped ResQ Button Gateway / ResQ Button App device range
  • how-work

    Exit Alert: Geo-Fencing of assets

    • When a tagged asset is out of signal range of all In-Out Device(s), exit alert generated
    • When a group of gateway devices are configured in a zone, exit alert generated when out of all gateway range
    • You can configure ResQ Gateways at Entry/Exit of your facility to be a group, to get an alert when items are moved in or out



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Parthi Munusamy, for the last 20+ years has worked in different capacities at Mylex (now part of IBM), Andiamo Systems (Acquired by Cisco), Ocarina Networks (Acquired by Dell) building enterprise call highly available systems.

Parthi has a B.E degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, India and M.S degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Sacramento. Holds multiple patents in the Storage & Network area.